B. Sprout is Back

I feel like it’s been sooo long considering that I’ve had roasted brussel sprouts! I assumption my travels last week provided me withdrawals! Well, never concern – they are back!

It was a whole roasted feast with Roasted Brussel Sprouts as well as Roasted Chickpeas. I tossed the chickpeas in TJ’s teriyaki sauce mixed with red pepper flakes as well as soy sauce– best combo of sweet, salty as well as spicy.
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I went back for a lot more chickpeas considering that they were soooo good!

Today I got this concern as well as believed I’d response it right here considering that I’ve been asked this a number of times as well as it’s a great one:

I was wondering if you utilize any type of protein powder ever?  I just went to the physician for some stomach problems as well as she believes that I am taking in method as well much fiber as well as not sufficient protein.  She likewise states I must up the dairy.  I am going to try to eat greek yogurt as much as I don’t like it… however I was wondering.. do you have any type of ideas for a lot more protein?  Or is there any type of one type of product (such as protein powder) you recommend?

My preferred methods to get protein are:

–  Beans as well as rice (eaten together these foods make a total protein)

– Greek yogurt or cottage cheese: If you don’t like Greek yogurt you can eat “regular” yogurt however add a huge scoop of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. This adds protein without having to eat it by itself. likewise – you can add greek yogurt to smoothies!

   often I eat cottage cheese with cereal instead of milk or yogurt. as well as Greek yogurt with lemon curd is outstanding – try it that way!

– Tofu, veggie burgers: I understand veggie burgers are processed, however they are simple as well as taste good!

– Eggs: You can eat eggs for breakfast, difficult boiled eggs to salads, mix egg whites into oatmeal.

– protein Powder: I do utilize protein powder occasionally, however normally only add it to smoothies if it’s for breakfast. You can likewise add it to oatmeal.

Here is the kind I have on hand ideal now…

This afternoon I was hungry as well as made some path mix to enjoy. This was my go-to snack when I was losing weight a few years ago…nuts, cereal, raisins. I truly requirement to get to sleep early tonight – I’m truly dragging today.

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بيتزا عجة الوصفة 2 طرق

بيتزا عجة الوصفة 2 طرق

وصفة عجة البيتزا الإفطار الصحية مع موزاريلا كاليفورنيا الأصلية منخفضة الدهون. وصفة بيتزا قشرة البيض لتناول الإفطار ، LUN

Elote Recipe-Easy Mexican street Corn at Home

Elote Recipe-Easy Mexican street Corn at Home

Elote recipe – simple Mexican street Corn recipe with Hispanic cheese topping. try this healthy handle a traditional Mexican

ورقة سندويشات التاكو الروبيان مع صلصة الكزبرة الكريمية

ورقة سندويشات التاكو الروبيان مع صلصة الكزبرة الكريميةوصفة صفيحة البسيطة البسيطة الروبيان. سندويشات التاكو الروبيان الخفيفة مع صلصة كريم الكزبرة معبأة مع البروتين وكذلك تعلوها w

زبادي تشوباني جديد مع زبدة اللوز وزبدة الكاجو

زبادي تشوباني جديد مع زبدة اللوز وزبدة الكاجو

جديد Chobani Nut Butter Yogurt بالإضافة إلى تقييم حبوب زبدة الفول السوداني وكذلك المعلومات. وعاء الزبادي مع زبدة اللوز

البطاطا البسيطة الأسقلفية مع وصفة البروكلي

البطاطا البسيطة الأسقلفية مع وصفة البروكلي

البطاطا البسيطة الأسقلوب مع مقايضات وصفة ضوء البروكلي. الخضروات معبأة معبأة الأسرة وجبة جانبية وصفة بوتلوك

الكريمة الحامضة الخفيفة enchiladas- وصفة أسبوعية بسيطة

الكريمة الحامضة الخفيفة enchiladas- وصفة أسبوعية بسيطة

وصفة البسيطة البسيطة المليئة بالمكونات الصحية! هذا التقليدي المكسيكي الخفيف هو عشاء رائع

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